Upload Diablo III Screenshots to SkyDrive Automatically

Over the past couple weeks I’ve been spending a ridiculous amount of time playing Diablo III. It’s not that the game is that amazing, but the loot hungry monster inside of me has to keep playing hoping that something amazing drops and I become an instant Diablo III celebrity. The likelihood of this is rare, but it’s not unlike playing the lottery, or Russian Roulette. I guess the outcome of those two things are slightly different.

I realized that I take a lot of screenshots while playing, some of them are of crazy mobs, some of glitches, but the majority of them are of loot I find. I’m not sure why, but looking through the screenshots is a lot like looking through old photos. I sometimes will be having a discussion with a friend and try to describe what I found in the game, but when I try to remember one of many stats of all the things I find it’s almost impossible. So for the last few days I’ve been taking a screenshot when I find something interesting or rare. This way I always have that available to go back to if I want to find the exact details.  The problem with this, is I’m usually not at home on my PC when I’m having these discussion, I’m at work, on the bus, or over a friends house.

I thought to myself, what if I change the screenshot location for Diablo III to point at a folder in my SkyDrive? That way the photos would be  uploaded automatically and I could get them from my phone, or my work PC, anywhere that I have internet access. I spent a couple minutes with my buddy google checking to see if that was possible somewhere in a config file or in the options menu but I didn’t find anything.

I decide to write a simple command line tool that periodically checks my screenshot folder, and then if it finds something interesting it would copy it to the SkyDrivefolder. SkyDrive will take care of the rest. That worked, but I always had this annoying command line window on my taskbar.

I decided to make a windows form tool that would do the same thing, but allow me to change the hard coded directories, the interval, and minimize to the system tray. I create “Diablo III Image Copier” and it does just that, it takes a source and destination and periodically copies the files from one to the other.

Download: http://kmcgrail.com/d3ic.zip

Here is how I set it up to automatically put my files on SkyDrive.

  1. Create a SkyDrive account. http://www.skydrive.com
  2. Install the SkyDrive client tool https://apps.live.com/skydrive
  3. Setup the SkyDrive path to something that will be easy to find
  4. Run D3IC.exe.
  5. Set your source path <Drive>:\user\<username>\DiabloIII\screenshots
  6. Set your destination to a folder in your SkyDrive folder
  7. Choose a frequency
  8. Press start

When it’s running it will check the source folder for changes every so often, and if there were changes it will copy all those files to the destination folder.  You can minimize the window and it will go down in the tray, and continue to run in the background. After running if you check your SkyDrive account you will see your images showing up!