Defcon 20 Mystery Challenge and Badge Pinout

Defcon 20 Mystery Challenge

Yesterday Lost posted a very detailed wiki page outlining the solution to the Defcon 20 Badge challenge. I read through it and the only thing I can say is bravo to the team that solved it. There are a lot of parts, and each one requires thinking outside the box more than the last.

I think next year I’m going to try to find a team to work with and focus some time on the badge challenge. I love thinking outside the box and trying to find solution to strange problems. The challenge is very interesting to me

Defcon 20 Badge Pinout

Ken Gracey over at the Parallax forums posted a schematic of the badge which labels all the pins along the top. This is much better than my hacked together version of just the left side pins from a couple days ago. I’m just happy the pins that I labeled match the actual values on the schematic. I guess I’m not totally stupid. 🙂!&p=1115400&viewfull=1#post1115400


Yesterday my ADXL335 arrived from and I got it all wired up how I thought it should work. It turns out I have no idea what I’m doing, and didn’t get a single useful signal from the device. I was hoping it would be easy to interface with, but it looks like the MMA7455 will be much better. I did get some pretty cool pictures of the device though.