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ITB-100HD Time Lapse

A friend and I spent some time playing around with FFMPEG today, and put together a sweet little time lapse video using about 14 hours of footage. After trimming out frames it compressed down to about 25 minutes.

If anyone is interested in doing this yourself I’ll post details about the process, and can provide a tool to make it much easier.

Adding an accelerometer

I ordered two accelerometers today to try to improve the timing of the POV. Amazon had pretty decent prices so I ordered from them.

SainSmart ADXL335 Triple Axis Accelerometer Breakout Module

MMA7455 Accelerometer Sensor Module for SPI IIC

I’ve never used one of these before so I didn’t know what to order. I ordered the ADXL335 first, but then after talking to a friend who knows much more than I do, he suggested the MMA7455. So I’ll end up getting both and figuring out which one is easiest to interface with. I believe the propeller can handle both without too much effort based on the examples I’ve been able to find online.

I need to figure out how to hook it up to the badge since I don’t have a real schematic, (the one on the DVD doesn’t show which IO pin is which. I hooked up a simple LED and just ran through some of the pins to see which ones I could label. I came up with this little mapping. Looks like I have 11 pins to work with, and I’ll probably only need 3 or 4.

The first accelerometer is scheduled to arrive tomorrow so I who knows maybe I’ll have it reading data by the end of the day tomorrow.

Upload Diablo III Screenshots to SkyDrive Automatically

Over the past couple weeks I’ve been spending a ridiculous amount of time playing Diablo III. It’s not that the game is that amazing, but the loot hungry monster inside of me has to keep playing hoping that something amazing drops and I become an instant Diablo III celebrity. The likelihood of this is rare, but it’s not unlike playing the lottery, or Russian Roulette. I guess the outcome of those two things are slightly different.

I realized that I take a lot of screenshots while playing, some of them are of crazy mobs, some of glitches, but the majority of them are of loot I find. I’m not sure why, but looking through the screenshots is a lot like looking through old photos. I sometimes will be having a discussion with a friend and try to describe what I found in the game, but when I try to remember one of many stats of all the things I find it’s almost impossible. So for the last few days I’ve been taking a screenshot when I find something interesting or rare. This way I always have that available to go back to if I want to find the exact details.  The problem with this, is I’m usually not at home on my PC when I’m having these discussion, I’m at work, on the bus, or over a friends house.

I thought to myself, what if I change the screenshot location for Diablo III to point at a folder in my SkyDrive? That way the photos would be  uploaded automatically and I could get them from my phone, or my work PC, anywhere that I have internet access. I spent a couple minutes with my buddy google checking to see if that was possible somewhere in a config file or in the options menu but I didn’t find anything.

I decide to write a simple command line tool that periodically checks my screenshot folder, and then if it finds something interesting it would copy it to the SkyDrivefolder. SkyDrive will take care of the rest. That worked, but I always had this annoying command line window on my taskbar.

I decided to make a windows form tool that would do the same thing, but allow me to change the hard coded directories, the interval, and minimize to the system tray. I create “Diablo III Image Copier” and it does just that, it takes a source and destination and periodically copies the files from one to the other.

Download: http://kmcgrail.com/d3ic.zip

Here is how I set it up to automatically put my files on SkyDrive.

  1. Create a SkyDrive account. http://www.skydrive.com
  2. Install the SkyDrive client tool https://apps.live.com/skydrive
  3. Setup the SkyDrive path to something that will be easy to find
  4. Run D3IC.exe.
  5. Set your source path <Drive>:\user\<username>\DiabloIII\screenshots
  6. Set your destination to a folder in your SkyDrive folder
  7. Choose a frequency
  8. Press start

When it’s running it will check the source folder for changes every so often, and if there were changes it will copy all those files to the destination folder.  You can minimize the window and it will go down in the tray, and continue to run in the background. After running if you check your SkyDrive account you will see your images showing up!

Fitbit Group Finder *No Download*

After I put together the app that lets you get the fitbit groups, I realized it isn’t really necessary to require a download for that type of thing. I prefer the download, but it’s not cross platform, and I think it might scare some people away.

My new solution is an ASP.net page that has the same functionality. It’s not quite as pretty, but it seems to get the job done and is always available.

Try it out. http://www.kmcgrail.com/fitbit.aspx

FitBit Group Finder

Yesterday I got myself a FitBit to track how active, or inactive I am in a given day. They have this great system designed called groups that lets you find other people who have similar interests and you can compete against them to see who walks the most, or just talk to each other.

However, I’ve never seen a more horribly designed website in my life. It lets you see 12 groups as a time in alphabetical order, and there are over 2000, so you can imagine how long it takes to get to the ‘Z’ groups. Sure you can manually change the URL, but that isn’t great navigation either.

I threw together a simple group scraping tool that goes through all the groups for you and presents a nice list and you can just click to go right to the group page. It takes a while to get all the groups so you will probably want to run it and let it sit for 10 minutes then come back. When I get some free time I’ll make it faster.

You can download it here: **NEW ** http://www.kmcgrail.com/FitBitGroupFinder.zip


Download All Files In Flickr Set

Several times in the past I’ve needed to download all the pictures in a particular flickr set. There were many tools that claimed to do this, but when you actually try to use them it turns out they are terrible.

Several only allow you to download a portion of a set, or have horrible UI experiences. Others ask you to pay or donate to get full access to the tool.

I decided I would just write my own, Flickr is great to interface with through code, and with about an hours worth of work I had an app working that did exactly what I needed, and nothing more. It runs on the command line, and could not be more simple. You just provide the SetID, and the path to download the photos to and it does the rest.

FlickrSetDL automatically tries to get the orginal image, and if that isn’t available it tries the large size, then the medium. If none of them are available it will skip the image and move on to the next image.

You can download it here:


[NOTE: Had to upload to a new location, the other file was removed for some reason]


The tool does report back some stats so I can see usage, so if that bothers you, don’t use it.

This doesn’t work on Windows 8 yet. It has a problem with the CLR.