Fitbit Group Finder *No Download*

After I put together the app that lets you get the fitbit groups, I realized it isn’t really necessary to require a download for that type of thing. I prefer the download, but it’s not cross platform, and I think it might scare some people away.

My new solution is an page that has the same functionality. It’s not quite as pretty, but it seems to get the job done and is always available.

Try it out.


4 responses to “Fitbit Group Finder *No Download*

  1. Thanks for creating this group finder!! I love you. Seriously. And the “no download” option is brilliant. I am high-fiving the banner at the top of your site now!

  2. Oh wait… poopaloopa. I’m getting a runtime error when I try to Get Groups. Something about the Web Configuration?

    On the plus side, it did not take several minutes. And an extra-plus, I still love you. I am bookmarking this site in hopes that I can come back later with my high-fiving hand and try again. Don’t leave me hanging! 🙂

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