Better Fitbit Group Finder

I made the FitBit group finder a lot better over the weekend. Added threading which significantly sped things up, and added group descriptions.



FitBit Group Finder

Yesterday I got myself a FitBit to track how active, or inactive I am in a given day. They have this great system designed called groups that lets you find other people who have similar interests and you can compete against them to see who walks the most, or just talk to each other.

However, I’ve never seen a more horribly designed website in my life. It lets you see 12 groups as a time in alphabetical order, and there are over 2000, so you can imagine how long it takes to get to the ‘Z’ groups. Sure you can manually change the URL, but that isn’t great navigation either.

I threw together a simple group scraping tool that goes through all the groups for you and presents a nice list and you can just click to go right to the group page. It takes a while to get all the groups so you will probably want to run it and let it sit for 10 minutes then come back. When I get some free time I’ll make it faster.

You can download it here: **NEW **