Download All Files In Flickr Set

Several times in the past I’ve needed to download all the pictures in a particular flickr set. There were many tools that claimed to do this, but when you actually try to use them it turns out they are terrible.

Several only allow you to download a portion of a set, or have horrible UI experiences. Others ask you to pay or donate to get full access to the tool.

I decided I would just write my own, Flickr is great to interface with through code, and with about an hours worth of work I had an app working that did exactly what I needed, and nothing more. It runs on the command line, and could not be more simple. You just provide the SetID, and the path to download the photos to and it does the rest.

FlickrSetDL automatically tries to get the orginal image, and if that isn’t available it tries the large size, then the medium. If none of them are available it will skip the image and move on to the next image.

You can download it here:

[NOTE: Had to upload to a new location, the other file was removed for some reason]


The tool does report back some stats so I can see usage, so if that bothers you, don’t use it.

This doesn’t work on Windows 8 yet. It has a problem with the CLR.